“Cream Soda Spaceship”

Poetry. 2 minutes to read.

Cream Soda Spaceship Seaglass Rosewater

Oh baby with the freckled face

Tell me, are you Venus’s daughter? 

Take my hand and I’ll twist your waist

To Rome or the Nile

And if that’s too far

We’ll just walk in Miracle Mile

Race each other in shopping carts

Pop-Tarts and Tar Pit farts

Anything to make you smile

Smooth hands and nail file

Whirlwind enchantress

High tide seductress

Sea nymph in a sundress

My Peanut Butter Honey Date

Sherbert skies and pizza pies

I don’t know where to go but I do know why

I’m looking for your eyes in the night sky

Oh lover, send me a sign

Apple of my eye; don’t you know?

Earth is a flying saucer spinning in circles 

And I’m waiting in line with two tickets to paradise, so come on,

Let’s go for a ride.


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